Monday, 4 May 2015

Personal Shopper at Your Service!

Hey Everyone!

You might be wondering what on earth is a Personal Shopper. I'll explain that to you in a bit.
First of all, just to make things clear from the beginning, I'm not doing this as my daytime job, so don't worry, I'm not looking to rip you off :p

I'm here as your Personal Shopper simply to help you with your shopping. It can be anything from buying gifts for your loved ones, to household items for your new house, and even grocery shopping for your mother who lives at the other end of the town.

I understand that a lot of us have no time to do all this ourselves, especially when we work long hours, and spending our time in traffic jams, or some men (not being sexist here, just stating the obvious :p) don't have any clue what to buy for their other halves, or even women who can't think of anything to buy for their sons and husbands, I'm here to help you :)

Please feel free to browse through the website to get a clear idea of how this works, or how I work :)
You have my utmost guarantee that I am genuine and honest, and I am here because I have an eye for things that are of good quality and will worth every cent of your money :)

Try me out!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Services

I am here, at your service, to shop for...

  • Gifts for your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, other-half, sons, daughters, mother-in-law, loved ones.
  • Hampers, Fruit Baskets, Gift Baskets.
  • Flowers (straight to you or the person you are sending them to)
  • Baby clothes, Pregnancy clothes, Ties, Winter Clothing etc
  • Grocery shopping for you or your loved ones
  • Venues for parties, showers, proms, conferences etc

             and the list can go on and on.. 

    You are most welcome to add to the list and drop me an email of what you desire.  I will be happy to assist you and rest assured that I will make your purchase worth it.

    I will also work with your budget, and you can be sure that I will score you a bargain when I see one. So, tell me what you have in mind, and I will advise you on what to buy to suit the budget that you have :)

    IKEA's Stuff

    Just to tantalise you with some picture of the items on sale in IKEA :)

    Shop with me at IKEA!

    Wherever you are, you can grab hold of all the wonderful IKEA items because I will shop for you and send them straight to your doorstep!

    What are you waiting for? Lets shop!

    Browse the Catalogue here :)   IKEA Catalogue 2011


    Most Personal Shopper charges by the hour, but I think that can be quite tricky. So. I've drawn up a fees structure so that you, my clients, are clear of what you are paying for.

    To shop for;

    a)  1 - 3 items - RM 20  (if the items are at the same place/venue)

    b) 1 - 3 items - RM 30 (if the items are at different places/venues)

    c) 4 - 10 items - RM 50 (if the items are at the same place/venue)

    d) 4 - 10 items - RM 70 (if the items are at different places/venues) 

    e) More than 10 items / Grocery shopping - RM 100 for one trip

    ** Please note that the fee above does not include the price of the merchandise and the postage fee in which the clients have to bare the cost. 
    All receipts of purchase will be sent together with the items ordered.